Gillian and Justin

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How We Met

With a busy schedule I have always gone to the gym at 5:00 AM. My schedule was overwhelming at one point so I stopped going for a few months. When I returned all the familiar faces were back from before with hellos but also someone new. A huge smile was on his face and a warm hello. “I am Gillian, you are?” “Justin, nice to meet you.” Day after day, more and more Justin would come closer and have a bigger smile each time. Before I knew it I was hooked on his smile. Justin asked me to go for coffee and a walk on May 17th 2015. It was the best decision he has ever made.

how they asked

Friday March 3rd we hopped on the 2:50 train from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central for a weekend adventure. Our amazing trip to NYC began with dinner atop the Marriott Marquis in Times Square at the revolving restaurant with 360 degree views of NYC at The View followed by Orchestra seats to Wicked and an evening walk around the city with Justin determined to go the the top of the Empire State Building. With a walk and getting a little lost along the way it didn’t matter as long as I had my favorite guy by my side. We arrived at the Empire State Building with no lines as we walked up to get our tickets. Justin purchased the tickets to the top for the 102nd floor. We had to go through security putting all of our items in boxes as though at the airport and even Justin’s belt. I never thought there was a ring as I would have seen the box in the container. We went to the 86th floor for the outside observatory and walk around checking out the views across the city and beyond in awe. The wind was brisk and we both have never felt such coldness with strong winds before but was loving every minute of this view. We then went up to the inside observatory on the 102nd floor to enjoy more. We stopped back down to the 86th floor on our way down to again capture the views and embrace the moment. Outside at 1224 feet in the air Justin hugged me, kissed me and immediately dropped down to one knee with the engagement ring in his hand asking me to marry him at the top of the city at 12:45 am this morning. I couldn’t stop giggling! I cried, giggled and smiled from ear to ear as he slipped the ring on my finger. As I said yes with other people walking out saying Congratulations who watched it all from inside. Justin said the entire train ride to the city the ring box was in his left pocket of his pants which was my side. Throughout the day and night he transferred the ring from pockets in his pants to the jacket pocket to keep me from noticing. I had no idea. We finished the night staying at the Marriott Marquis with the Empire State Building view of our spot right from our room on the 33rd floor. This is such an amazing moment and time for us both.

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