Gift and Pete

imageHow we met: We met almost 7 years ago, last summer I went to Thailand by myself to visit my family like I usually do every year or two. Pete never met my parents in person.

how they asked: A month before I flew to Thailand, he asked if he could meet me in  Thailand. He booked the tickets and flew to Thailand by himself. My parents did not speak English, it was so cute that I had to be a translator for them. I took Pete to the beautiful beach in the south of Thailand. We stayed there for 7 nights. We stayed in 3 different hotels. On our third night we stayed at the private island. At 8 pm, Pete asked me to take a walk with him along the beach after our dinner. It was dark, all I could hear was the sound of waves and the wind. At the end of the beach, he asked me “what’s that?” imageHe pointed to a spirit house. I told what it was. He asked me all kind of questions. I explained why Thai people believe in a spirit house. I told him to pray and make a wish if he wanted to. He said” make a wish with me” (omg! I was so afraid of the dark and ghost! In my head I just want to leave that spot..Yes I’m crazy.) alright, I prayed for 2 second, but Pete prayed for like 5 minutes. I told him “can you please hurry up, I want to go back to our room” he was still praying. Suddenly, after finish praying, he opened his palms with the most beautiful ring in his hands, he asked “Gift, will you marry me?” I was so shocked, I don’t even remember if I said “yes” or not. He put the ring in my finger, we kissed and my fear just automatically went away when he hug me tight.


I was so curious why he kept calling the front desk to explain how to set the safe box. Plus his parents kept Facetiming him two times a day. He had the ring with him the whole time and I had no ideas he was going to propose. It was a big surprise and the happiest day of my life…after we got to our room he FaceTimed his parents and told them “she was kind of a pain that night, I almost changed my mind” …luckily he didn’t.