Giavanna and Raymond

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How We Met

My fiance and I met way back in 2012. I received a text from a random number while I was texting a friend. Through much frustration and confusion, the friend I was texting gave this random person my number. I blocked the number and moved on with my life. A year later, I joined my high school colorguard and during the summer we had band camp. This guy came up to me and told me that he was the person who texted me the year before. I unblocked him and we soon became familiar with each other. It was now my freshman year in high school and a girl on my team started dating Raymond. I also became in a relationship with someone for over year and by my sophomore year, Raymond and I became friends. We were both in relationships for a while, but one Christmas Raymond gave me this HUGE teddy bear. Our relationships with others had ended and we became pretty close after that Christmas. Raymond tried to convince me to go on a date with him for 3 months. We become official 5 months after that Christmas.

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How They Asked

Raymond and I were together for 5 years before he popped the question. We talked about being engaged for a while and one week we went ring shopping. Raymond kept telling me that he wasn’t ready yet, he just wanted to know my style. Little did I know, he went back the day after I found the ring I loved and got it. He asked my parents for their blessing and everything started to feel surreal. One night Raymond got off work late, about 11pm, and he called me saying that he just really needed to see me as he had a rough few days. I opened the door to greet him and I just knew that it was the night. He told me “I can’t wait any longer. I have waited for 3 years since I knew you were the one. You are the one who accepts my childish acts and still makes me feel like the luckiest guy alive. I wouldn’t want to wake up beside anyone else but you every day. Giavanna, will you marry me?” So at almost midnight, this guy professed his love to me because he couldn’t wait one more minute.