Giavanna and Nick

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How We Met

Me and Nick met in the 6th grade, out last names both start with A so we were always sitting next to each other in class so as time went on I grew a huge crush on him all through middle school. As we got older we drifted apart and didn’t really talk in high school but after we graduated we had found out that we had mutual friends… we talked for a couple months until we finally hung out, then we both decided to meet up at a festival… who knew the grounds of the place had zero service so we lost each other the whole entire night but something led me to the corner of the main stage of the last set of the night and surprisingly he was there as well ! He kissed me and literally swept me off my feet and from that point on we have been inseparable … from a 6th grade crush to now a fiancé I wouldn’t change a thing

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how they asked

This year my dance students did an amazing job at their nationals in Disney world so I promised that I would give them the ultimate BBQ in my backyard. I also told nicks family to come and that we would have cake for his moms birthday! As the day went on the dj had asked to clear the dance floor and said there was a surprise for the studio, we had this huge cake ready for the girls so I ran over to my mom and asked what is taking so long. My co worker Christina got on the mic and told me that 2 students put together a dance thanking me for all the hard work I put in for the studio… mid song it changed to NSync “this I promise you” and the girls took me on the dance floor and hugged me and as I looked up nick was walking towards me and I began to cry immediately. He got on one knee in front of our families and all of my students and everyone began to scream and cry. It was a day I will never forget and after the proposal it began to rain and everyone danced in the rain and the night was filled with love. I’m still on cloud 9 and I’m not definitely coming down !

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