Giant Snow Globe Proposal at Christmas

IMG_8884How we met: Nick and I both met each other through mutual friends at a get together one night. I kept talking to his friend trying to get him to come over and talk with us and he did eventually through-out the night. I gave his friend my number to give to him and so he did and ever since then we have been together since. Four years strong, and even bought our first condo together!

how they asked: We were at Christmas on the BLVD with close friends and family, who usually goes with us each year and we stopped at a giant inflatable snow globe with an Elf inside it.

Kelvin a family friend of ours that’s in charge of the event on the BLVD told us we could go inside to take a picture and so Nick pulled me inside the snow globe and we were posing for a picture, when all of a sudden my Nephew Brody held up a sign on the outside in front of us┬áthat said, “Will you marry my Uncle Nick?”. I was truly surprised and started to instantly cry. I couldn’t believe that that just happened and especially inside a Giant Snow Globe!

I was so blessed to be surrounded by close loved ones and my dear friends during that awesome moment in my life! Christmas is my favorite time of year as well so that just made it even more special, and who could forget that date (12-13-14).