Gianne and Angelo

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How We Met

Angelo and I met our freshman year at Penn State in 2011 in our Crim 100 class. Angelo tried to talk to me and reach out to me numerous times before I gave him a shot! When I first saw Angelo, I thought he was about 30 years old! I had never seen an 18 year old that was as big as him and had as much facial hair!! (Once I found out he played football at Penn State, I understood why he was so big! (lol).) It wasn’t until we had a project to do in class that I began talking to Angelo. I asked Angelo for his help with the project and we instantly connected.

On our first date, Angelo took me to the Arboretum at Penn State, which is probably one of the most beautiful places on campus. We sat on a bench under the stars and talked for hours. We got along so well and had so much in common that our conversation was effortless. We felt completely comfortable around each other, and each day that went by we became closer and closer. He truly is my best friend.

We spent the rest of our time in college together, and experienced everything that Penn State had to offer. We were inseparable. We made countless memories at our alma mater and ultimately grew up together. We will be forever grateful to Penn State for bringing us together.

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how they asked

Angelo is currently training for the NFL and sometimes does signing events. Angelo told me that he had a signing event at Penn State during the weekend of February 27th, knowing that I would eagerly want to tag along, (which of course I did). Angelo told me the signing event started at 4:30 pm, and he told me to dress nice in case someone wanted to take pictures of us. We arrived to Penn State early, around 2:30, so Angelo told me he wanted to walk around the Arboretum to kill some time before we went to the event. When we arrived to the Arboretum, Angelo had a specific pathway planned out for us to walk down, which led to a gazebo. This was the spot that Angelo had arranged to walk to, and have a photographer (Allison Ranslow), hiding out to take pictures of the proposal. When we finally arrived to the spot at the gazebo, Angelo grabbed my hands and told me why he brought me to the Arboretum. He told me that he brought me to the Arboretum, because this was where we had our first date, and it meant so much to him. He then got down on one knee, and to be honest with you both of us don’t remember a word that he said because we both blacked out we were so nervous!! He pulled out the most perfect ring and asked me to marry him, I eagerly said yes. Allison then came out of where she was hiding to take some post-proposal pictures of us.

Having Angelo propose to me at our alma mater, the place we had our first date, was so special and romantic and something that I will always remember. Having Allison there to take pictures of us made the day so much more special!!

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Special Thanks

Allison Ranslow
 | Photographer