Gianna and Zach


How We Met

Zach and I met in high school, we were locker buddies all four years. Our junior year is when we started talking, we would hang out with friends and talk a lot over the phone. It was right before our junior prom, we went to a church lock in. He asked me to prom at the lock in, and that’s where our relationship began. Now almost 7 years later we are together and ENGAGED!

how they asked

We were at Zach’s cousins house for his little cousin’s birthday party. Every year “Santa” comes to visit the family at the party with a big bag of gifts. So Santa made his grand entrance and called everyone up one by one to get their presents. I was last, and I got my gift from Santa. Just as I was about to walk away he said “Oh wait, there is one more thing” I knew at that moment this was it, I knew he was going to pull out a little ring box. Then as Santa pulled out the ring box he said “I think Zach will do this one better” and when I turned around Zach was on one knee.


He asked me to marry him! I was in such a fog and in so much shock I dropped the first present Santa gave me and immediately started to cry. Of course I said yes!! What an amazing way to start my Holiday’s.


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Special Thanks

Zach's Family!