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how we met

It all started with a crush. Gianna and I met at a Crossfit gym, from the first time I saw her I was overwhelmed with attention. Even after brutal and intense workouts she was still beautiful. We soon found each other scheduling our gym time around each other with immense excitement just to spend that hour together. Our crush soon turned into a friendship, and before we knew it we were head over heels in love. Best friends and husband and wife, what more could you ask for?

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how they asked

Thursday July 14th. I had to be on the other side of the state all day for work and was under the impression that Sean was also working all day. Boy was I wrong! Earlier in the week we had planned to have a date night on Thursday, just dinner and just us. I got home from work and like the typical girl that takes forever to get ready, I asked Sean what time the reservation was. He told me the reservation was at 8…. My response was “So realistically what time do we have to leave so we’re not 25 minutes late,” “7:30.” At that point it was about 5:45pm, plenty of time. As we were both getting ready Sean came in and said, “Hey I forgot something in my car, I’m going to run down and get it.” I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but boy was that little trip to the car huge.

7:29pm – Ready to go and in the car! I think he was surprised I was actually one minute early. The restaurant was about 20 minutes away. Just as Sean was pulling off the highway exit he turned to me and said, “So, I lied. Our reservation actually isn’t until 8:30pm.” I said “What?? So what are we going to do for 35 minutes?” He said “Let’s go to our place, the church.” (Before I go on, let me just tell you that all day it had be muggy as all hell, and the black clouds were rolling in right at that moment). I said “Umm okay, but if it’s raining I’m not getting out of the car.” Sean responded with, “Well I brought an umbrella and you’re getting out.”

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As we pulled up to the Old Stone Church, the spot where we had our first kiss, I noticed quite a few cars parked. I actually thought there was an event going on there, I told Sean we can’t go down there, there must me be something going on inside. As we started to walk down the small hill to the church I started to notice some small candles in the Windows. “See I told you something’s going on, we can’t go in there. It’s probably like a seance or something..” He just laughed and said no let’s keep walking. As we got closer I could start to see inside the church… rose petals, candles, LOTS OF ROSE PETALS. I felt like I was in a movie, watching this all happen and crying… Always crying.

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As we walked down the cloth and rose petal covered isle we got to the end and Sean turned to me and said “Gianna Cangello, you are the love of my life, my soulmate, and my best friend.” Got down on one knee, and pulled a box out of his sock. (Now how I didn’t notice this the whole time is beyond me).

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He looked up at me with his amazing blue eyes and said, “will you marry me?” I think I cut him off before the “me” and said “YES!” Muffled in the tears. I had dreamt about this moment, just like every girl does for my entire life, and I could never have dreamt of it being this perfect.

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Now for Sean’s take on “i forgot something in my car.” Turns out that the BEAUTIFUL PERFECT AMAZING ring, wasn’t ready that morning…

Sean: The ring was originally scheduled to be done on Tuesday (2 days before the proposal), the design was taking longer than expected and I was set to pick the ring up on the proposal day that morning. Apparently protection takes time because the ring wasn’t finished till about 5pm that night and was delivered to me at the house at 730pm. When I told Gianna I forgot something in the the car, I was running outside to meet Toffy the jeweler with the ring. Luckily I had complete faith in Toffy because aside from a quick glance I didn’t have time to see the ring until it was already on Gianna’s finger.

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