Gianna and Micah

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How We Met

Micah Coffey and I met during my sophomore year of high school in northern Illinois. We actually met through a mutual friend who brought him to my summer bonfire. We talked most of that night and I jokingly told my mom afterwards “I think I’m going to marry him.” My junior year (Micah’s sophomore year) he asked me to homecoming.

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Although we had only been seeing each other for a few weeks and weren’t “FBO” (Facebook Official quite yet), he treated me so well that night in spite of me having no voice (bronchitis.. ain’t nobody got time for that).

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About a month later, he asked me to be his girlfriend on October 16th, 2011. 2 years. 8 high school dances, and hundreds of sporting events later, I took off for college. Neither of us had any idea what was in store as we went from high school sweethearts to a long distance relationship.

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4 years later, I graduated from Ball State University and Micah just finished his junior year at the University of Minnesota. Through this time he has gone from boyfriend to best friend; I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

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how they asked

Then came May 20th, 2017. Micah’s baseball regular season had just concluded on Friday, and his whole family was up to “watch the games.” I had been with Micah the whole week, and suspected nothing. We spent the morning with Micah’s family, then took a trip to the Mall of America. At about 2:00, I left with Micah and his brother for a “photo-shoot” at the baseball field. I thought this was a little weird considering it was pouring rain the entire day.

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Anyway, I went back and got ready for the photo-shoot while Micah and his brother (Canaan – creator of the video) went to meet with one of Micah’s friends who is a professional photographer to “get some photography tips”.

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Instead of meeting with him, the three of them went and set up the baseball field for the happiest moment of my life. I hope this video can give you a little snapshot into how lucky I am to be called this man’s fiancé!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Nick Monaghan
 | Photographer
Canaan Coffey
 | Videographer