Gianna and Marco

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How They Asked

Marco proposed to me at the winery of the wine we had on our first date! Prisoner! He brought me out to the garden and vineyard to have our Waiter take us on a “tour” and explain to us the history of The Prisoner winery! (I was clueless) We got to a spot that Marco had set up with a box of wine and glasses on top of a wine barrel looking over the vineyard! (Still clueless) I opened up the box all excited thinking it was so cute of him to plan! The ring box was inside it (I didn’t see it because obviously..STILL CLUELESS) he grabbed my hand took me to the middle of the garden (not clueless anymore BAWLING my eyes out) got down on one knee, said my full name, filled my ears with the sweetest words that made me fall to my knees crying even harder and PROPOSED!!!!

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We were both shaking, both so emotional, It was pure magic and beyond my wildest dreams! Despite the wildfires going on around us and having (almost) everything go wrong on our trip from cancellation to cancellation (he was supposed to propose on the hot air balloon ride before they canceled on us due to air quality) my perfect man kept calm and cool was quick to come up with something even MORE meaningful and amazing and pulled off our proposal in the most epic way!! If I thought I wanted to marry him before, I KNOW there is no one else in the world for me but him now. My life with him is a dream!

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