Gianna and Joe

Image 1 of Gianna and Joe

How We Met

Joe and I met six years ago at our job at a local golf course. My very first day on the job, Joe drove up to my car in his golf-cart and asked if I’d like a ride to the front door. Although I had heels on and should have said yes looking back, I kindly declined his offer and stumbled up to the front door. With him being the valet guy and I being the hostess, often times our shifts ended up being at the same times. Because our job often required us to be there late, him and I ended up talking pretty often. I am usually a very reserved person and rarely open up to someone I just met, but for some reason it just seemed easy around Joe. He had such a calm presence but also the same goofy personality as me. I just felt like I could be myself around him.

After months of talking and becoming better friends, I asked Joe if he’d like to meet me and some of our mutual friends out in the city for some drinks after his shift. He said he’s sorry but he couldn’t come! To be honest, I felt kind of disappointed and hoped he’d be there. My girlfriend and I got ready for the night and I had no intentions on seeing him but to my surprise, he ended up being in the car that picked us up. I sat in the back seat behind him and could see him in the passenger mirror but he had no idea! I could see him doing these hysterical (oops..I mean amazing) dance moves and his eyes looked extra blue. A couple of days after that night, he took me on our first official date and here I am today, his FIANCE.

how they asked

Friday night Joe and I had plans to go to one of our favorite spots in NJ called Cape May. Thrilled that Friday had finally arrived, Joe and I packed up and quickly got on the road. He said he made us reservations for dinner and to make sure I didn’t eat anything.

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We finally arrived to a place called Congress Hall that hosts the most beautiful Christmas village each year. Joe valeted the car and I hurried inside to grab us a seat by the fire.

Image 3 of Gianna and Joe

He came in and had a huge smile on his face as he sat next to me. He said, ‘lets go outside and take a picture by the tree.” I felt hesitant to leave our cozy spot by the fire to go out into the cold! Little did I know what he had planned! I finally agreed to head outside to the beautiful lit tree in the middle of the court yard.

Image 4 of Gianna and Joe

As I stood by the tree he quickly asked a girl near by if she could take our picture for us. As I began to smile for the picture, I looked to my side and noticed he had gotten on his knee! I couldn’t believe it!