Gianna and Fernando

How We Met

My fiancé and I were high school sweethearts. We met when we were kids at a children’s activity class. A couple years later we decided to friend each other on MySpace. After a year and a half of being inseparable as best friends, we took the plunge and started dating our sophomore year of high school. And well, the rest is history. It’s been a long seven years of building memories together. We recently decided to purchase our first home together which we are closing on a week before Christmas!

Gianna and Fernando's Engagement in My home

how they asked

On December 8th, 2017, we had the first snowfall in our small Louisiana town in 9 years! He called me at 4:45am to excitedly tell me that it was snowing oh side. I went and threw on a coat and went outside to see the snow and came on back inside into the warmth. At about 5:30am, he texted me and said “Put on some warm clothes and go outside.”, I thought it had just snowed harder and was sticking and he has other plans. I went outside and he was in my driveway, standing outside his car, with our song playing (I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie). I thought he was just being REALLY cute because as kids, we wanted to kiss in the rain and the snow and under fireworks and all that cheesy stuff. So I thought he was just adding to that list. When I made my way to him, he kissed me and told me how much I meant to him and how he wanted to be with me forever. I was already tesrjng up (STILL THINKING HE WAS BEING CUTE). And then he reached for his pocket and I lost it. I cried. And not just like a soft cry. Like I’m talking the heart wrenching sob where you can’t catch your breath. The ugly cry. But I was SO happy. He got down on one knee and asked if I would do him the honor of marrying him. Of course I said yes! He got back up and we hugged and sobbed on each other’s shoulders from joy, with the snow falling around us.