Giana and Anthony

Where to Propose in Brooklyn ny

How They Asked

I and Anthony have been dating for 9 years so he knew I really wanted a ring of course. We had it planned to stay at this hotel before we went on vacation the next day. So he told me to pack nice outfits because we were going to be going to the fancy rooftop bar. When we checked into the hotel our room wasn’t ready (which now I know was planned) he asked to take a walk in the park which I was a little hesitant about considering my white dress (NOT PLANNED) but we did and I AM SO GLAD.

As we were walking he was asking me what’s that on the grass over there ( I had no idea thought it was a bunch of rocks) it was a blanket w sign saying out dates and “she said yes” I immediately started shaking and once he started speaking I was done for and crying.

After I said yes my family came out from hiding in the bushes after taking these amazing pictures. I will never forget this amazing moment.

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