Gia and Ryan

Image 1 of Gia and RyanHow We Met: My fiancé, Ryan, and I met when I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior. My sister was friends with Ryan and actually was the one who set us up. Ryan and I began dating in December of 2005. He went to Florida State University for college in fall of 2007. We broke up in 2009 for about a year, but our connection always remained. We talked every day and every time he came home to visit we would see each other. We started dating again in 2010 and have been together ever since! Ryan graduated from FSU in 2011 but stayed an extra year for his “victory lap” and we maintained a long distance relationship with lots of FaceTime and visits back and forth. During that “victory lap” in 2012 I was in a near fatal car accident. The second Ryan heard about it he was on the next flight up to NJ to be by my side. He moved back to NJ in the summer that year. Our relationship has definitely been put through the ringer and yet we are still going strong! I’ve been through 4 surgeries due to the car accident and he has not left my side and our relationship has only gotten stronger. He is my best friend, soul mate, and love of my life.

how they asked: I just graduated nursing school in May and I was taking a Kaplan prep course for my NCLEX. During the prep course we would do around 55 questions a class and learn different strategies to answering the questions. June 4th was our last day of class and my friends had decided that we were going to go out to lunch after class to celebrate. They all wanted to wear maxi dresses and after much peer pressure, I reluctantly agreed. The last class was like any other class we’ve been to over the past two weeks. We got to the last question and the instructor asked me to read it out loud. I was thinking to myself “oh come on! she NEVER makes anyone read anything out loud!” I started to read the question on the projector. When I finished the question she clicked the ‘next’ button, I was expecting the answer choices to pop up but they didn’t! Instead another paragraph popped up. I read it out loud and when I got to the last line that said “Just when you thought you were practicing one last ‘high level’ question, it turns out to be the easiest of all. Remember when I told you it would come when you least expected?” She turned on the lights and my fiancé came walking in to the room and got down on one knee. I was speechless! My friends and the Kaplan instructor helped orchestrate the entire thing! I couldn’t believe it. It was the best day of my life.

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