Gia and Andrew

Gia's Proposal in Sugar Loaf Mountaintop in Brazil

The initial meeting was brief. It included an introduction, some mild flirtation, and a new Facebook friendship had blossomed. This was at a college party back in the day. Fast forward to seven years later and yet again, Andrew and Gia find each other on social media. This was in the form mainly of Andrew sending messages and making flirtatious comments, such as, #gorgeous #marry me? Neither Andrew nor Gia have seen or spoken to each other over the past seven years. Andrew was involved in a volunteer program in Ecuador, eventually finding his way back to Boston. Gia had moved to NYC and was living and working in the big city. After some more communication, Andrew had asked for Gia’s advice regarding the transition of a Bostonian to New Yorker. He had been researching and applying to some jobs in the city.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sugar Loaf Mountaintop in Brazil

Andrew was planning a weekend visit to see if NYC would be a place he could potentially see himself. Andrew planned to stay with some Holy Cross friends and he made plans with Gia to meet up at some point to reconnect. However, things took a turn when the Red Sox won the World Series. Andrew was faced with a tough choice; a visit to NYC or celebrating at the Red Sox Parade in Boston. Much to Gia’s dismay, Andrew chose the latter. Conflicted with how she should actually feel about this, Gia came to terms with the situation and decided that she was actually quite disappointed. Gia sent Andrew over a message expressing how she feels about people, particularly Andrew in this case, flaking out on her. As Gia was about to write Andrew off, he sent over a heartfelt apology and a promise to visit again soon.

Well turns out that next visit was a great success. Fast forward another 4 years from that, to a mountaintop in Brazil (really, Andrew outdid himself) where Andrew asked for Gia’s hand in marriage. The rest…is history :).

Special Thanks

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