Ghiwa and Michel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Villa Paradiso - Batroun

How We Met

Micho and I met at university 8 years ago. We grew up together, traveled the world, we have already created so many memories together …

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Villa Paradiso - Batroun

Ghiwa's Proposal in Villa Paradiso - Batroun

Ghiwa and Michel's Engagement in Villa Paradiso - Batroun

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Villa Paradiso - Batroun

How They Asked

It was Friday, February 28th, my house door rang in the morning and there I found a box. A note was written: “Be ready at 9h PM” with fancy clothes inside.

Michel always had the romantic side so I had no expectations and never did I think that night would leave me with a ring on my finger from the man of my dreams.

9h PM sharp, Michel was standing at my door and I was ready to go to the unknown destination.

We finally arrived at a place called “Villa Paradiso”. And what was waiting for me inside really was a fairytale: A table with 2 chairs and candles, a harp player with the most romantic and elegant atmosphere. And there it was on the floor, 2 words: “Say Yes”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and just as I tried to hold my tears, Michel stood on one knee and asked me the famous sentence: “Will you marry me?”.

At that point tears couldn’t be held anymore, I answered: “Yes, of course”.
We had dinner and danced through the night.
It was everything I imagined and more.
It was magical, breathtaking, and utterly beautiful. It was our own fairytale, and I will hold that night in my heart and mind forever!