Germaine and Eric

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How We Met

We met playing flag football for our church in college. We both were seeing other people and didn’t really notice each other until a few of our flag football practices had passed. We became really great friends. A few months passed and we were both single at the same time, but I wasn’t interested in Eric at all. We remained friends and would go to the gym together and that was about it. After a few months of pursuing me, I finally gave Eric a chance and I was still NOT interested LOL! We didn’t speak for a few months and then when school started back up we hung out again. Eric was so sweet and kind to me and he finally won me over. We dated on and off throughout college until Eric became a missionary. We stayed in touch but dated other people. When I finally graduated college, I took an impulsive trip to meet Eric as he finished up being a missionary and we took a road trip down the East Coast. In Asheville, North Carolina he asked me to be his girlfriend!

How They Asked

We were going to go to Paris in August but COVID completely changed that. So Eric planned a weekend away at a treehouse/ Cabin. He picked up my favorites foods, my favorite flowers, planned a sweet picnic, and packed everything away in the car. My whole family knew and didn’t say a word! On the 26th, we had a picnic (my favorite), and then afterward he told me he was going to take a few pictures of me for my blog. I got ready and we headed out.

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After taking a few pictures, we found a secluded dirt road. The sun was about to set and Eric told me to just stand right where I was because the sun shone so beautiful right there. Then all of a sudden he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his SOCK and said “I’m sorry I couldn’t take you to Paris this year but I still wanted to take you somewhere special. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”!! I teared up and was so overwhelmed with joy and love because I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to spend forever with my best friend, the sweetest most thoughtful man alive!

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