Geraldine and Anthony

Image 1 of Geraldine and AnthonyHow We Met: I met Anthony in High School, almost 12 years ago, I was 16 and he was 17. One of his best friend had a major crush on me and wanted to date me.But I wasn’t interested. I liked Anthony. One day, my friend Elodie and I were waiting outside a classroom, and we saw Anthony and his friend walking across the schoolyard. She knew how much I liked him! One of my classmates has suddenly started to talk to me so I stopped looking at Anthony and talking to Elodie. At this very moment Elodie went pretty much behind my back to go see him and tell him that I liked him. He told her he was into me too, and when I saw her talking to him i was like “Whaaat!!!” Then she came back and said “Ok, before you kill me, let me tell you that he likes you BIG TIME, I took his number and gave him yours, he’s going to call you…so please don’t kill me.” He called me 2 days later, we had our 1st date the next day and that was the day we first kissed !

how they asked: Anthony and I share the same passion for NYC, we went there for 10 days to visit our friends who live there. What I didn’t know at this time, is that he had set up the most beautiful surprise ever for me. Which is really hard because I always figure out, against my will, when someone is planning a surprise. But i didn’t see that one coming! He booked tickets for Top of The Rock – Rockefeller Center – NYC – at sunset because he knows this is my favorite time of the day. He took my hands, told me the most beautiful things he had ever said, and put a knee of the floor. Pulled a little box out of his pocket and popped the question! After saying “Yes” immediately, he asked me to look behind me and I saw my mom, who secretly flew from Bordeaux, France to surprise me and share this moment! But she wasn’t alone, all our best friends from New York and Montreal were there! 14 persons cheering, clapping their hands! I was crying, I’ve never been so happy. This is one of the countless reasons why I love Anthony so much, he always finds a way to prove his love to me, every single day, to make each day wonderful and to make me feel so special. 3 month to go and I will honored to call myself Anthony’s wife!