Gerald and Anaise

How We Met: Gerald and I met in church. We’ve seen each other around, but it was my cousin who formally introduced us. Gerald has been a Christian his entire life but I had just began my walk with Christ prior to meeting him. Although, we were polar opposites and came from different walks of life we became inseparable instantly. Gerald is a very out going and loves to goof off and I tend to be more on the reserved side. But, when we’re together we can’t help but to be that couple in the “honeymoon stage” (it’s been like that for nearly two years).

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how they asked: One of our very first conversations were about marriage and how we both dreamt of that day. I mean, one thing that was very clear to me about Gerald was that he’s a hopeless romantic and that he wasn’t afraid of commitment. Well, after almost two years of dating he caught me by surprise one Saturday evening. His sister and I were coming home from the mall and Gerald was supposed to pick us up at my mom’s place to grab something to eat for dinner. When I got home the drive way was empty, so I didn’t suspect anything. I walked in and my mom pulls me into my room and I find an outfit picked out for me under a bouquet of roses. My mom smiles at me and says “don’t ask any questions just get dressed”. When I step out of my room, she covers my eyes and guides me to the backyard. I open my eyes and see all our friends and family and a path of rose petals leading me to my laptop playing a slideshow that Gerald had made. ( I still to this day cant describe how I felt at that very moment) Right before the video ended he called me from behind me with tears in his eyes and asked me to be his wife .