Georgina and James

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower

How We Met

James and I have attended the same church ever since we were children. It is quite a big church, and so although we knew of each other, we never really connected properly until our early twenties when we both started volunteering as youth leaders together. We spent a lot of time together helping out in youth for a few years and slowly got to know each other just as friends, but it wasn’t until James watched me performing a lyrical dance on stage at a huge event that something clicked for him and he knew there was something different about me. I still love him talking about that first time he saw me dancing, he said it literally felt like he was watching an angel on stage and something in him in that moment knew he was going to marry me one day! Shortly after this time, I went away on a holiday with my family to Vanuatu for several weeks and he messaged me a lot and ‘liked’ a lot of my photos on social media so I started to pick up on his affection and I talked to my sister about if he was someone I could date.

The more I thought about him and started to consider him, I started to fall for him and couldn’t believe that the man who’d been right under my nose my whole life could actually be the man of my dreams! Unfortunately I got a really bad parasitic virus from Vanuatu and was quite unwell when we returned home for several months. James used this to his advantage to ‘take me out for coffee to feel better’ and make sure I was feeling ok, until finally he asked me out officially for lunch one day to celebrate the end of the sickness craziness, and this first lunch date turned into a walk, and then a movie, and then another coffee, and then dinner… a 10 hour first date! We were both so happy and giggly the whole day, and I knew that I had found my future husband in my good friend James.

how they asked

My whole family had planned a holiday to Europe over the Christmas/New Year break, and it only felt natural for my parents to invite James to come along too, as he already felt like a part of the family. One of the planned destinations for the trip was France, and it is my absolute favourite country in the whole world. I speak French, and I have just always admired the culture, the art, the food and the lifestyle. We had been dating for a while and so naturally I was suspicious that he might pop the question in my favourite country, I mean why not? But I couldn’t have imagined what he really had in store…

One normal Wednesday evening I was at home and James came over with the biggest grin I have ever seen, and he handed me a box. To my surprise, when I opened the box there were 49 handwritten letters sealed in numbered envelopes. He told me to open the fist letter, and instantly it brought tears to my eyes. He wrote how much he loved me and how grateful he was to have me as a girlfriend, but that he wanted our love to continue to grow everyday so he had written a different letter for me to open each day for the next few weeks. I was over the moon! Every morning I would rush to the box and open the next numbered letter, they were always different and always made me smile; some recounted memories of our time dating, some told of the dreams he had for our future, some were lyrics to our favorite songs, and others were silly (but adorable) pictures he had drawn.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower

When we left to go on our European holiday, I took the remaining letters with me in my suitcase and continued to open one each day as we travelled. On day 49 we arrived in a cute little town in country France, and I was starting to feel nervous as I opened the last letter he’d given me. It read “Dear Georgie, I think something is missing. I wonder where letter number 50 has gone?” Of course I ran up to him straight away and asked him where number 50 was hiding, and he said so happily “Georgie, it’s waiting for you in Paris! Tomorrow the two of us are going on a surprise trip to Paris!” We both started to cry (happy tears of course) because although he never said anything directly, we both knew we were going to get engaged the next day and that it was going to be the most magical day of our lives.

Georgina's Proposal in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower

The next morning we woke up bright and early and he’d bought express train tickets so we went to the station and arrived in Paris in no time. It was honestly the best train trip ever, we were so excited couldn’t stop smiling at each other the whole time. When we arrived we bought some croissants and then James smiled, grabbed my hand, and said “follow me” and he then led me straight to the Eiffel Tower. We got to the middle of the Champ de Mars grass area and he quickly set up his camera on a tripod to ‘take a photo of me with the Eiffel Tower’ but before I knew it, he was coming over to join me in the photo… with guess what, letter number 50 in his hand! I was shaking as I started to read it, it said “Georgie, there are a few things I have never told you. The day I watched you dance on stage I fell head over heels crazy in love with you.

Georgina and James's Engagement in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower

I knew in that moment that you were the one for me. So that same day I prayed that God would take us to Paris together one day so I could ask you the one question I’ve been waiting to ask you since I fell in love with you…” to which he then got down on his knee and my eyes started to tear up and he said “Georgie, I’ve waited for this day forever, I love you. Will you marry me?”

It was the most perfect day of my life, we celebrated with champagne, and even got a round of applause from some other tourists standing by. We called our friends and family and then spent the entire rest of the day exploring Paris as an engaged couple, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees, the Seine and the Louvre – we even went to the famous Pont des Arts where we put a love padlock on the bridge to remember our perfect, special day forever.