Georgina and Alex

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How We Met

Alex first saw Georgie his sophomore year at the University of San Diego in Founder’s chapel where she was a soloist in the church choir. A few weeks later Georgie first saw Alex in a friend’s apartment full of mutual friends where he was playing a familiar song on guitar while sat on a bean bag. She approached him and started to sing the lyrics to the song. Later that night she texted a friend asking for his number and saying “I LOVE HIM”. After finding out their live on the same floor in their apartment building, Alex and Georgie spent every night rehearsing for an upcoming talent show for the greek life community in which she would sing and he would accompany her on guitar. He asked her on a date, took her to dinner, they sang on stage together, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Alex’s family has deep roots in Oregon. Generations ago, their family settled in a beautiful river front area, naming the road and bridge both by their last name, Bullock. The Bullock Ranch property in Sutherlin, Oregon is a very special place to all family members, and friends who get to spend time in this serene place. A 71 year old wooden barn greets you as you drive through the gates, and many hours can be spent floating down the river or catching fish for dinner! I asked Alex, this past summer while we were there for a family reunion, if we could spend New Year’s Eve together, just the two of us, at the ranch. Since we are currently long distance, the time we do get to visit each other is very special and I wanted to try New Year’s Eve at the ranch a second time, after our first attempt two years earlier resulted in us finding that all the water pipes had frozen and burst and we had to turn around and drive the three hours back to Portland. So Alex agreed and 6 months later we found ourselves arriving at the ranch on the crisp, clear afternoon of December 31st. We unloaded the car, me bringing things into the house and Alex bringing some boxes into the barn. He got me all settled inside with blankets and told me he had to do some chores for his Uncle in the barn and would go do those and be right back. I asked him if he needed help and he said no, so I made myself a cup of tea and cozied up to sit and watch the mountain in peace and quiet. About half an hour later, after wondering where he was, he came back inside the house and told me that he found a cool owl’s nest he wanted me to see. I immediately put on my rain boots and headed out the door to the barn. He was right behind me, quiet, and rubbing my back as we walked up the stairs to the second level of the barn.

As soon as we turned the corner I was stunned. The rustic, beautiful barn was lit with candles, forming a pathway to the front where two doors lead out to a balcony overlooking the ranch. I was so cold and nervous that I didn’t start crying yet and just kept asking him “what are you doing?”, “what’s happening?” knowing all along what was about to happen. He walked me to the front of the barn and proceeded to ask me to be his wife. He got down on one knee, opened the ring box, and I lost it emotionally. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop crying or shaking and don’t remember saying yes. We spent a while up there, taking it all in, taking pictures of all the work he had done, and just being excited in our newly engagedness!

On the walk back to the house I noticed, set in the ground, little beads that spelled “G Bullock”. He had totally forgotten that his grandfather, Gary Bullock, had set those in the ground years ago when he laid the foundation for the house. It was such a perfect moment. We had the rest of the evening and following day to ourselves in a place with no cell phone service, no traffic noise, and just each other. It was so magical to have that time together to enjoy the most special day of our lives. I feel so blessed by this sweet man and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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