Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal

How We Met: TJ and I met in college at the University of Memphis. He was a baseball player studying to get a degree in Sports and Leisure Management and I was a diamond girl for the baseball team studying to get my degree in Nursing. We met around my Sophomore year of college when we ended up having a class together that semester! We became very good friends and ended up dating that next year! Image 5 of Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal

how they asked: Well, TJ is from Marietta, GA and I live in Eads, TN. So we have been doing long distance for almost five years now. So I took a trip down to GA to see him! I had always wanted to go to a Braves game and the Georgia Aqaurium so since the Braves weren’t in town that weekend, he said we could go to the aquarium! I was so excited! He said we could even make it a double date with another couple which happens to be one of our best friends! Little did I know, he had a big surprise waiting for me at the aquarium!

That morning we got ready, and headed down to Atlanta for our “double date”. When we got there we go to go on a Behind The Scenes tour of the Georgia Aquarium! This tour took us to see all the operating rooms, labs, engine rooms and got us up close to the whale sharks! It was incredibly neat! What I didn’t know was that all of this was planned… while we were with the whale sharks, a diver was hiding a special sign at the bottom of the exhibit that I would cherish forever! After we had been in the room with the whale sharks for a while our tour guide stated that we should go check out the end one of their dive shows and how awesome the show was. So we went and were seated on the front row. This room had about 300 people already seated. There was a lady at the front talking and explaining different things and she decided to do a fun, little question and answer type session. She pulled TJ up front for a round of questions and then decided to turn it into the battle of the sexes and I was then pulled up. After a question or two, I was told to turn around to look at the diver behind me and when I did, he was holding a sign that said, “Megan, Will You Marry Me? Love, TJ”. Everyone in the room began clapping and when I turned to the side TJ was on one knee holding the most beautiful engagement ring! I said yes!! There was a photographer there capturing the whole thing and also his best friend, who was with us was videoing the whole thing for us!

It truly was such a creative and perfect proposal!! May 16, 2015 will be a day I will always remember and one that I will cherish in my heart!Image 6 of Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal Image 1 of Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal Image 2 of Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal Image 3 of Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal Image 4 of Megan and TJ's Georgia Aquarium Proposal