Georgia and Yida

How We Met

Yida and Georgia met as juniors in the University of North Carolina. It was during their first economics class together that Yida mustered up the courage to start a conversation with Georgia. Later, Yida and Georgia began frequently hanging out outside of class. They would often find themselves at the library reading literature together or coming up with crazy ideas for their next date. Four years have passed. His then-girlfriend, Georgia, had experienced both the hard and easy times with Yida. Because of Georgia’s support and affection throughout the years, Yida eventually became a successful manager at Tesla. It was now time for Yida to take the relationship to the next level. Yida decided to ask for Georgia’s hand in marriage in one of the most romantic and beautiful places of the world, Santorini. Due to their passion for reading literature, he wanted to propose in a place surrounded by a wealth of knowledge that shared different stories and lessons. Therefore, Yida decided to host the proposal in the Atlantis Book Store patio facing the ocean while playing a personalized song on the piano. The bookstore would symbolize all the knowledge they shared throughout their late nights at the library and the piano would remind Georgia of all the fun nights they spent together singing under the moonlight. For the proposal, Yida arranged a scavenger hunt in the bookstore with her favorite books, which eventually led to the rooftop piano where Yida played his self-composed song. Georgia knew at that moment, that she had finally met the man she would be spending the rest of her life with!

How They Asked

The proposal was close to a beautiful bookstore located in Oía, Greece called Atlantis BookStore. It had a beautiful view and interesting books. There was a book with my favorite flowers located in a certain spot with my name on it and there were pictures of me and my boyfriend at the time.

Then I was being directed from a different location close by the book store and I saw my boyfriend playing the piano with beautiful flowers placed everywhere. He played an original song for me and after the song he proposed! It was a crazy experience because we are from China and to have a proposal from a beautiful country like Greece was memorable.

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Special Thanks

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Les Anagnou
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Jim Labrako
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