Georgia and Nolan

How We Met

Nolan and I technically met while we were grade school. We attended a very small Catholic elementary/middle school where everyone was familiar with each other. On top of that our parents were good friends and we all moved around the same social circles. Countless neighborhood barbecues, graduation parties, school functions, etc…However, he was two grades above me so he as an older boy obviously had cooties.

We attended the same small high school too and always just kind of knew of each other but really never talked. Flash forward to May 2016 and his 2 brothers were having a graduation party. I reluctantly went after a long tiring shift at work knowing I would probably spend the afternoon with the moms as my friends were all away doing internships. Lo and behold I apparently caught the eye of Nolan and he swooped in as soon as I entered the party. There was a spark immediately and everyone could tell. A few weeks later we started dating.

how they asked

Flash forward again to October 20th, 2018. It is my 24th birthday and I wanted to do something in the morning just the 2 of us before we celebrated with family and friends. I had never gone apple picking before so I wanted to go to a local orchard to grab a bushel and share my love of baking with the love of my life. We had fun picking and sampling all of the apples. We had gone in the morning so there were hardly any other people in the orchard. After we had gathered our last few Nolan dropped down to one knee (in the mud! what a trooper) and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was so surprised I asked him “Are you sure??” about 5 times! The box, inside which was the ring, was made by his dear Uncle/Godfather who plays a special role in both of our lives. Everything about that moment was perfect and I now get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Georgia and Nolan's Engagement in Brecknock Orchard