Georgia and Joey

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How we Met

My freshmen year of high school, Joey’s senior year, my mom and I began going to a new church, First Baptist Fort Lauderdale and it happened to be the same church my future fiance was going to. As well as going to the same church, we both ran track and field in the same area. So not only did I start to notice him every Sunday but I saw him every Wednesday, too. His high school’s track team would practice at our track because they didn’t have one.

Almost seven years ago exactly, Joey and I met officially outside the bathroom at a Wednesday track practice. He stopped me outside the bathroom and asked if my name was Georgia (because he had already talked to one of my best friends who went to our church as well as my school) and if I went to First Baptist. I said yes, barely being able to talk because not only did I have a huge crush on him, but he was a senior and I was a freshman! (I later found out he didn’t think I was a freshman and that it totally threw him off).

We immediately hit it off and we became even more interested in each other during church camp that summer. We dated for about a year and around our one year anniversary, my severely immature self thought that we shouldn’t really be dating anymore. During our break up there were a couple times when we tried to give it another go, but it just wasn’t God’s timing yet.

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Fast forward four years to the summer of 2015. Joey and I both worked the same church camp we had attended in high school. I, once again, after some much needed maturation, found myself attracted to him and interested in him once again. It got to the point by the end of camp I couldn’t not tell him how I felt. I knew the odds we were up against: distance, a rocky history, and an age gap, but I didn’t care. So on our car ride home, since we were the only two people on the two and a half hour ride home, I was going to tell him that I had feelings for him (…with about fifteen minutes left juuuuust incase things got awkward and he didn’t reciprocate those feelings). But sure enough, he asked me what I wanted to tell him five minutes into the drive. I decided to go for it and said, “what would you say if I told you I had feelings for you?” with which he replied, “I would say that I have had feelings for you this whole time.” Basically from that moment on our “second” dating relationship began.

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how they asked

Two years later, we had survived long distance only for Joey to move again to Cleveland, Goergia, while I was still in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was visiting Joey for the week and while we were at dinner the night before our engagement, Joey told me that we were going to a vineyard (Yonah Mountain Vineyard), that we had been to once before, to go on a cave tour of their grounds and that we couldn’t be underdressed for this time. It wasn’t like Joey to want to dress up to go somewhere, so I got a little suspicious. I texted my best friend, Alyssa, and said I thought Joey might propose. She then texted my mom and said, “IS GEORGIA GETTING ENGAGED.” My mom is my best friend, so she knew that if I was, my mom would definitely know. Turns out, my mom DID know, but lied completely to Alyssa. Joey wanted to use my mom’s old wedding ring to make my ring, so she assured Alyssa (and me) that the ring was still in the drawer at home (I can’t believe how good of a liar she was)!

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The next day was completely normal: we had breakfast, hung out at his place, and then got ready for our date. When we began to walk around the vineyard, we started heading to a very picturesque area and not a spot that you would just happen to mosey over to. When we had walked halfway towards the mountain through the vines, he began to tell me that seven years ago, around this time exactly we met and that even though we broke up, for four years, that we had grown and during our dating relationship, our love for each other had also grown.

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By this time, my heart was racing and the adrenaline was pumping. He told me that even though long distance has been hard, that we have grown through it, but that he doesn’t want to do it anymore so thats why he was going to ask me to marry him!

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He got down on one knee and asked, “Georgia Smith… will you marry me?” I could barely breathe and I was shaking, but I said yes to the love of my life! I turned around to see some of our best friends, Demi and Chance, taking photos, and his and my whole family there, too! It was the happiest moment of my life and it was so special to be able to share it with all of the people I love most!

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