Georgia and Jackson

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How We Met: We went to college together and met in chow hall. He was in his cadet uniform and I must say, women truly DO love a man in uniform. I couldn’t stand him at first, he picked on me and I bantered back. Eventually, I agreed to an “adventure”, with him and for our first date he took me to an apple orchard and then his cabin on the river. It was the most peaceful place I had ever been, and where we shared our first kiss. Little did I know, three years later, it would be the same spot where I said yes to the man of my dreams.

how they asked: He had my sorority big sister invite me to a “girls weekend” to celebrate my birthday late since I was out of town. She picked me up that morning and with some friends, we headed out to her “uncles” cabin. When we got to the gate, my hopes were sky high that this could be the day, but then she gave the attendant a different lot number. With my hopes back on ground level, we set off through the neighborhood.

After what felt like forever, I started seeing familiar surroundings and before I knew it we pulled into the beautiful cabin, his beautiful cabin. He came out the front door and said “Happy Birthday. Let’s celebrate.” With him being in the military, we’ve been doing long distance for over a year now, so him surprising me was nothing short of amazing. He then walked me inside and handed me a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer dress that I unknowingly had picked out for my sister two months ago. He told me to go get changed, and my sorority sister handed me my favorite sandals.

I changed and then went to meet him on the back porch, he put on my Pandora charm bracelet that he had been decorating since the beginning of our relationship, and then we went on a river walk to our favorite spot. By this time I was shaking, holding back the tears, and thanking God I had put on waterproof mascara that day. We get to our favorite dock and then I hear a noise. On the hill above us was his good friend flying down a remote control helicopter, with a small black bag attached to it.

Side note: he’s a Blackhawk Pilot, which is why the helicopter was included. In the bag was my final charm that represented and engagement ring, and at that moment I knew. He put the helicopter down, and then before I knew it he was on one knee.

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He asked me to spend forever with him, and somehow through the tears I said yes yes yes! We had our special moment of him wiping my tears and telling me I was a pretty crier (he’s a keeper for sure) and then he asked if I was surprised.

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Of course I said yes, but then he said he had another surprise. To the left of me, my younger sister popped out from behind a log with her camera in her hands. Behind her popped out my older sister, who flew down from Connecticutt to be with me in that moment. Needless to say, my “pretty crying face” was once again present.

We then spent the rest of the holiday weekend celebrating with some of our closest friends who he had asked to be there. It was, like most girls say, the most amazing day of my life.