Georgia and David

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How We Met

David and I started dating January 13, 2014. Our relationship quickly blossomed and we talked about our dreams and future together. I always told him that I wanted to wait until I finished college to get engaged. The week leading up to my graduation, David told me he had to fly out for business the day before and would be back the morning of. It had been storming all week and flights were getting canceled and I was anxious in fear that he was not going to be back in time for graduation.

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how they asked

The day before my graduation, my best friend, Henna, told me to get dolled up and come with her to the Rose Garden at NC state to get her graduation pictures taken. Henna walked behind me as I climbed down a flight of stairs covered by trees and branches, blocking the view of the garden. About 2/3s of the the way down the view cleared and I saw him. David was standing under a canopy full of heart shaped candles and gold balloons spelling out “Love” with our friends and family standing nearby and I immediately put two and two together.

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He got down on one knee and the rest was honestly a blur of YES complete with a surprise horse drawn carriage ride! He finished the evening with a dinner surrounded by our loved ones and a beautiful cake with our initials.

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The ring was the most gorgeous ring EVER. Which secretly I knew he had for the last nine months…I have an explanation. We had been ring browsing the prior summer and I could not decide on a ring. One day I came across this stunning double halo, split shank with a canary yellow diamond in the middle and knew that was the ring. I called David and he told me to go try it on. I tried it on and THAT was the ring. The saleswoman told me it was being retired and that was one of two left in the ENTIRE state. I called David and emphasized that he should come look at it (hint hint)!! I never heard anything about it and out of curiosity, I checked the store the next day. The saleswoman informed me the ring had been sold the day prior. I was let down because I knew that was the ring I wanted and somebody else had purchased it.

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A couple of weeks later, David was driving when he handed me his phone to text his mother the address of the place we were meeting. He put the phone in my hand and I look down and see the picture of the ring!! He had purchased it and forgot to delete the picture that he texted to his mother. I swore to myself to keep my composure so he would not have noticed I saw the pic and kept the fact that I knew he had the ring a secret until the day he put it on my finger (LOL). We are celebrating 4 years together this year and I always tease him that he doesn’t know how to surprise me, and, although I found out what ring he purchased, I was absolutely blown away and surprised with his proposal. It was magical and perfect just like David and I would not change it for the world.

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