George and Markie

How We Met

Over 8 years ago, I was forced to call a co-worker who I had never met, to pick me up and take me to mutual friends house for a party. I had only two options: call a stranger for a ride, or not go. Well I was forced to awkwardly call and to my surprise he cheerfully said “OK!” and picked me up! I was so fearful of awkward silence, yet we hit it off with our first conversation! After a year of dating without a title, and obnoxious hints to him that I was falling in love, that same man told me something I thought he never would tell me: “I love you.”

Throughout our years together we knew how obsessively happy we were together, and although at first I pushed and pushed to get married fast, his calm and chill nature showed me we are happy, why rush? Every anniversary and Valentine’s Day from that first I love you, everyone but us, expected an engagement. It became a tradition of George’s to buy me a random bottle of wine as a gift instead of flowers. Before our 7th anniversary, his twin brother got engaged and we could not have been any happier!

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A few weeks later everyone told me to expect a ring on our 7th anniversary. I kind of did, but honestly was not disappointed when it didn’t happen. Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) followed two weeks later, typical George was late. Honestly, I was a bit bitter and gave him the cold shoulder. I was talking to the new fiancé and George’s sisters when I noticed I hadn’t seen George around, I asked them if they had seen him and when they said no, I (for some reason) thought he had left because I was mad. (Which wouldn’t have made sense because he had no where else to go when all of our friends and family were there.) George’s sister then grabbed my left hand asking to see my new manicure, and I responded with a joke: “I don’t know why you want to see my hand when there’s no ring on my finger” and pointed to the new fiancé. We laughed but she seemed to have fear on her face. George’s bother then got a call on his phone and when he walked by to leave the room, I noticed it was George calling.

When he returned, his fiancé asked who it was, and he said “it was Carlos from work, he had a question about the store.” His company is closed on Thanksgiving so it made no sense, and I asked “then why did George call you?” He got defensive and said “don’t worry about it.” George then walked in the front door with no time for me to grow more suspicious, and handed me a nice narrow burlap bag, saying “Here I got you a bottle of wine.” I was still a bit bitter, and already holding a glass of wine and said, “ok, thanks, I’ll open the bottle later.” He said “how about you take it out and see if it’s one you like.” Reluctantly, I put my glass down, thinking he may have gone to get my favorite bottle of wine (which is expensive and hard to find.) As I put out the bottle all I see on the label was “Marry Me?” In my head I thought “this evil person, got me a random bottle of wine about marriage when he’s not even proposing??” And my first reaction was “no.” I then read the entire bottle “Markie, I love you, will you marry me?

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Love, George” and then out of shock I said no again, and jumped to hug him with excitement. He then asked so what do you say? And I realized I was saying “no” instead of “yes.” When I released my hug from him I turned to get the attention of the family and friends, when I realized I was the only one not expecting this! I have the proposal on video from 20 different angles. I always pictured my perfect engagement to be so extravagant, fireworks, doves, with a team of dancers and singers. But George really made this proposal PERFECT FOR US!

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We’re a simple couple. Extravagant isn’t us, so the random wine bottle tradition, on my favorite holiday, surrounded by the people I really wanted there was WAY better than anything I ever imagined and everything I thought I ever wanted! George is my best friend, he knows everything about me, including things I didn’t even know! Every year I am happier and happier, which makes me even more excited to grow old with him.