George and Kasia + Their Adorable Announcement!

George and Kasia first met on Freshman Move In Day at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ. Kasia gave George his room key because she was his RA! George was just starting college and Kasia was on her way out. The first year, George and Kasia were just friends. He would come into her room (on the hot days with no shirt on because there was no AC) and they would become friends. Occasionally, the time was quiet, Kasia working on school projects and George reading the newspaper.

At the end of the school year, things became more serious. George went to Europe for a month and when he returned, the two realized what they had. Fast forward 5 and a half years later… George and Kasia knew they wanted to move out of NJ. George was offered an amazing job opportunity.. in Austin! While Kasia was visiting one weekend to check out the area, George proposed! George planned an elaborate scheme with a photographer, Caitlin, to capture it all on Austin’s beautiful Mount Bonnell.

The Ruse: George told Kasia that he received a Groupon for a photography session as payment from a friend. George said it worked because they didn’t really have many pictures together, and he told Kasia the two of them must use the coupon next weekend, as it expires. Beforehand, George met with Caitlin, gave her the ring, Caitlin hid it, and then George “found” it in the middle of the shoot.

Here are the pictures from the proposal… and you MUST see below for a great announcement!

Okay, okay, let’s see the proposal!

Kasia and George were married on December 16, 2011, and they will celebrate their first anniversary with the best gift of all… a BABY!

Photos by Caitlin McWeeney Photography