Joanna and George

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How We Met

George and I have known each other since kindergarten. Throughout elementary, middle and high school we never really spoke or knew anything other than each others names. Fast forward to 2013, George had just gotten home from graduate school. The day he came home, we were coincidentally at a mutual friends house for a get together during Memorial Day Weekend. We have been together ever since that day.

how they asked

Since we began dating, George and I started a tradition to go away every New Year’s and this year he wanted to go to Iceland. While in Iceland we had a glacier hike planned. Outdoor activity isn’t really my thing and I was pretty nervous about hiking to the top of a glacier, but George kept telling me that everything was going to be okay. As we reached the top of the glacier, it started snowing pretty hard. At that point, I was ready to come back down but George insisted we take a picture at the top. I was getting annoyed and I just wanted to get back down the glacier. He just kept insisting and then asked our tour guide if she could take a picture of us. The camera lens was fogging up and I kept saying “let’s just forget about it.” And as I am arguing, George goes “Babe. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. The reason I wanted to come to Iceland was to do this” he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. I could not believe it, nor could the tour guide who was crying with me! It was absolutely perfect.