Georganna and Mateusz

How We Met: Mati and I met when I was just sixteen years old. Our high schools were rivals to each other and although I had heard about him, I had never met him. I knew that he had been adopted from Poland because my mother was a student teacher in his classroom. My sister Sami had relentlessly tried to get the two of us to date.

“He is Polish,” she would say “you are going to marry him.” Eventually my sister Sami ran into Mati’s father and asked him if Mati was single. That night I received a message from a very single Mati, which I ignored for three months. It wasn’t until Easter that my sister brought it up again, in front of my entire family.

I was past the point of embarrassment and was ready to get her off of my back. So three months later I finally messaged him back, only expecting him to have forgotten about me. To my surprise, he answered me and that weekend he took me fishing for our very first date. About a month later I was calling him my boyfriend convinced that my sister had in fact found me the one.

how they asked: Mati’s adoptive family returns to Gdańsk, Poland every three years to visit his biological family. I had been dreaming about Poland for years wanting a glimpse into Mati’s life before he came to the U.S. as a ten year old boy. The plane tickets were booked, and on July 5th (a few days into our vacation) we walked into Old Town.

Image 1 of Georganna and Mateusz

Mati said that we should get a picture by the statue of Neptune and I agreed because it was the most beautiful part of the city. After a few different poses, I felt Mati getting nervous as he reached for his pocket and pulled out a tiny red box.

Image 2 of Georganna and Mateusz

His family was all around us but all I could see was Mati getting down on one knee. Before he even had time to speak, I was saying yes. And just like that eleven years after Mati was adopted I became his narzeczona (fiancée) in his hometown of Gdańsk, Poland.

Image 3 of Georganna and Mateusz