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How We Met

April 11, 2013 was easily one of the best days of my life, until February 19, 2017 came along. I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back makes me realize how one day, one moment, had such an impact on my entire life. And the crazy, but fun thing is, I had no idea these days would be so significant. It all started with my college friend, Kristen, who happened to be friends with Austin’s friend, Maddie. If my path wouldn’t have crossed these two girls lives, then my path would have never crossed Austin’s. So thank you Lord for Kristen & Maddie! Any who, I can vividly remember April 11 like it was yesterday. Maddie & Kristen were playing total match makers & decided that we should all go out to the good ole’ bars of North Gate that night. Of course I said yes, because after creeping on Austin’s little social media that he had, I was definitely down. His blue eyes sold me you could say ;) So we all went out & did freshmen college things at Schotzi’s (whoop if you know what bar that is, because it is no longer around), & honestly Austin & I have been attached at the hip ever since. I remember telling Austin through our first couple of months dating & what not, that I was not going to be his girlfriend for at least six months (don’t ask me why, I was just being stubborn).

However, June 3 rolled around & I distinctly remember Austin looking at me in his truck, telling me he loved me, and asked me to be his girlfriend. I caved & said yes! From there, we dated all through our college years. Which included hard times, lots of studying (we learned that taking a math class together was the dumbest decision we ever made lol talk about lots of arguments), tears, heart to hearts, shopping trips, traveling, stuffing our faces with junk food and much more. Austin has been there for the good and the bad the past four years, & I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. Looking back, I got to share some of the best moments of my life with my best friend, & for that I will always be thankful. Austin has a pure heart of gold & is honestly one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Very quiet at first, but when you get to know him (or he’s had a few beers ;)), it’s hard to get him to stop talking! He can dance & get down like no other & can make a delicious steak! Needless to say, I have found myself a keeper. I cannot wait to see where the next years take us. Through the good & the bad, I can truly say I have found my soul mate. Austin Walker, I can’t wait to grow old with you!

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This picture was from April 11, 2013, the first night Austin & I met.

how they asked

I am a fashion blogger, and this is the exact story I shared on my blog, Adore More with Geor. As some of you may know, last Sunday was my birthday, as well as moving day for our new apartment! Saturday night Austin & I went on a birthday date for hibachi, since we knew Sunday would be extra busy. Hint- we knew it would be extra busy, but Austin insisted that we needed to go to church & brunch. Let me remind you- it was moving day so I was already stressed! However, I decided to try & go with the flow (which is extremely hard for me), so I told him that was perfect. Austin knew what he was doing by saying we were going to church, because he knew I would get all dressed up, especially since it was my birthday. While we were in the midst of driving to church, I knew something was up because Austin drove right past the church without batting an eye. I questioned him by saying, “Uhhh where are we going?” He replied with, “I am pretty hungry, so I figured we would just go eat.” It was already 11:00 so I was a-okay with that, because I was starving!

However, as we approached the vicinity of the brunch spot, he drove right past it, too. This is when I knew something was up! I vividly remember the precious look he gave me when I asked what was going on. Seriously though, I wish I could have had that look on camera. You know the look I am talking about. The ones we all see in hopeless romantic movies, where you just feel that beam of love shining right through you. It gives me butterflies just thinking about it! After driving for about ten more minutes, we pulled up to this beautiful park. It then hit me with what was happening! He opened the door for me & told me to get out & that we were going on a walk. We slowly walked down a trail that led to a bridge over a creek. *tears began to fill my eyes already, as I knew what was coming* We finally reached the bridge & Austin took my hands, stared deeply into my eyes (cue the tears even more) & said a bunch of sweet things that neither of us remember. LOL! This was followed by him getting down on a knee & asking me to spend forever with him.

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I of course said YES! That moment in time, easily became one of the best moments of my life. My love for Austin is more than I can express, & I am so thankful for the past 4 years with him. And now to think I get to spend a lifetime with him, WOW WOW WOW, is all I have to say. We are so excited for this precious time surrounded by friends & family, & I cannot wait to share the process with you along the way. For starters, we are looking to do an early December 2017 wedding.

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I am pretty set on a fall/winter wedding, so we will see what date we can come up with! My goal right now is to get the venue booked within the next week or so. With that being said, we are touring a couple venues this weekend & I am hoping we both fall in love with one of them, because let’s be real… that would make life a lot easier! We both love the industrial/rustic look. So think exposed brick & chandeliers! If you know of anywhere that sounds like that in DFW, please let me know, as I would love to know your suggestions!

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