Geoff and Moniel

Image 1 of Geoff and MonielHow We Met: Geoff and I have been dating for a few years but being a gay couple it was harder for us than most. I however knew I wanted to propose to Geoff and marry him no matter what!

how they asked: I didn’t have a clue how to propose to Geoff so I contacted Proposal Planners The One Romance to help me plan a really unique and romantic proposal.

As easter was coming up I wanted to do something easter related, so the girls at The One Romance suggested an Easter Egg hunt in a luxury rooftop venue! It sounded perfect!

On the day of the proposal, I pretended to Geoff that we had been invited to a charity easter egg hunt arranged by my work.

As we got to the private rooftop venue we were handed our first clue….but it was different to any easter egg hunt Geoff hd ever been to as the clue contained memories of our relationship together.

As we followed the clues around the gardens (picked up easter eggs on our way) we were led to the final clue which told us to head under some stunning arches.

Image 4 of Geoff and Moniel Image 2 of Geoff and MonielImage 5 of Geoff and Moniel

As we did Geoff notices an easter Bauble (filled with mini eggs) handing from one of the arches. On the outside was written the words “Will You Marry Me” and his engagment ring hung from a ribbon next to it!

Image 3 of Geoff and Moniel

Proposal Planning by The One Romance