Geoff and Leslie

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How We Met

People say the day you walk down the aisle with that special someone is the greatest day of your life. Well for Geoff and I, June 9th 2018 will be the second time we walk down an aisle together – the first time was at Eastern Middle School’s graduation in 2003 side-by-side. Our story began way before 8th grade graduation, when in 1992 we had the same babysitter and she took us to Binney Park for a play date.

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Back then, Geoff was just that other kid. I never imagined we’d end up together. As we grew older Geoff changed from that ‘other’ kid to that ‘cute’ kid. There was always a spark, including a 3 week middle school relationship mostly sustained on AOL instant messenger. While our quick fling ended, our friendship endured and come senior year of college best friends turned into a summer romance, which blossomed into an amazing 5-year partnership.

how they asked

On December 18th, we were heading to a family Christmas party when Geoff stopped the car at Binney Park and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. He started on some speech about how he’s known since we were toddlers that I was the only he wanted to spend his life with and next thing I knew he was down on one knee.

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Despite it taking me a few more years to figure this out, it only took an instant for me to say YES! I couldn’t be more excited to be spending the rest of my life with my toddler sweetheart.

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