Genny and Matt

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How We Met

I met Matt at the very beginning of our Junior year of college here at UWRF. All through college we had a number of mutual friends but somehow managed to never actually meet one another. Anyway, one night my friends decided to have a big bonfire in their back yard. I decided to come over and hang out for a little while with my best friend, Tiana. Tiana and I got to the party and as we walked past Matt and his group of friends, Tiana called him out and asked me if I knew him. I of course said no and Matt began to talk to me almost immediately. As the night went on, I realized it would be a good atmosphere to bring my dog and get him out of our tiny apartment. I asked Matt and Tiana if they wanted to take the walk back with me to get him.

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On the way back from my apartment, Matt walked Cooper back to the party and the conversation continued. We realized neither one of us were in relationships with other people, and basically had small talk. Classes started for fall semester and we fell out of touch for the next few days. That next weekend, I ran into him again at a party. He asked if he could walk me home, I said yes, and we have talked every day since then.

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We did not become ”official” for about another month after that night. One special day, Matt asked if he could take me to the apple orchard. I said yes. We strolled through the apple orchard simply just enjoying each other’s company and we both agree to this day that this is the day we fell in love with each other.

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how they asked

On Halloween this last year, Matt told me he needed to get a new state park pass. So, we made the trip about 20 min west of River Falls to get this “parking pass”. We got to the state park and decided to take a walk down to an outlook over the St. Croix River. While we were enjoying the view, I started to get a little chilly. Just as I started toward the truck, Matt asked me if I liked spending time with him. Without missing a beat, I said yes, of course. Then, he went on to ask if spending time with him is something I would want to do forever… and I knew exactly where this was going.

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I started to call my dog’s name and get him back to my side because he was off exploring the woods while this was all happening. Just as I turn around, Matt tells me he has a surprise for me. Afterall, he never needed to get a parking pass and the real reason he dragged me out there was because he wanted to ask me to marry him. He got down on one knee, said my full name, and asked me to marry him. I immediately felt tears flooding from my eyes and threw my hot chocolate right over the edge! It was a great day, and just the beginning of our future!

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