Genna and Evan

Genna and Evan's Engagement in Waterworks, Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

Evan and I met in high-school however we didn’t start dating until we were both in college! We have been dating for 7 years!

how they asked

Evan planned a day in Philadelphia on 2/17/17 without telling me I had the day off of work for “Valentine’s Day” since he had National Guard duties on actual Valentine’s! We spent the morning at my favorite museum (the Rodin museum), and had a fancy lunch. He told me we had to go over to the Art Museum for an “event”. We walked around the outside, by all the gazebos which are my favorite part and he made us take pictures, since when I actually lived in Philly, we never did.

Where to Propose in Waterworks, Philadelphia, PA

Finally when we were headed towards my favorite gazebo overlooking Boat House Row he said he wanted me to take 3 pictures and he was going to take 3 and we would meet by the water… which tipped me off a little! I was waiting looking at Boathouse Row when he came up behind me wearing a suit and immediately got down on one knee and starting proposing.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Waterworks, Philadelphia, PA

I said “of course” and we shared a moment together and that’s when I realized he had hired one of my dad’s cousins to take pictures! We will always have these beautiful pictures to remember this perfect moment . We then hid our phones so we could enjoy the time together, drove to the town we grew up in and I thought we had dinner plans just the two of us but when I walked into the restaurant my parents, his parents, my brother and my best friend from Indiana were there to celebrate! To top it all off after dinner my mom said she had dessert at her house planned and when I walked in, my grandparents were there!

We used my Nana’s ring setting but she didn’t know so the moment she realized it was her ring was amazing! Evan checked off every box on my “proposal list” and made it special for the two of us to share together.

Special Thanks

Jaclyn Savitz