Genieva and Myles

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

How We Met

I noticed Myles on the first day of law school orientation at Georgetown Law and as fate would have it we were both in the same section. When I first saw him I remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe he’s late for DAY ONE of law school!’, little did I know I was judging my future husband. The second day of orientation he sat next to me and we had to participate in several “get to know your neighbor” exercises. I remember immediately telling my friends I met a cute guy at school, to which they all replied, “ALREADY?!” From then on we became close friends and sat next to each other in every class (except Civil Procedure which he still won’t let me forget). It didn’t take long for my feelings for Myles to develop. He asked me to be his girlfriend shortly after we started dating in November 2014 and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Where to Propose in Venice, Italy

How They Asked

As full-time associates at large law firms, Myles and I decided we desperately needed a vacation. He suggested we go to Italy (one of my favorite countries), so we set off for Florence, Venice, and Milan in October 2018. About four days into the trip Myles told me we were going to a ‘fancy dinner’ during our stay in Venice. The catch was the dinner was at 5:15 pm. No one eats dinner that early in Italy (or America for that matter), so I thought it was a little strange but didn’t question it. Per usual I wore flats on the way to dinner and put my heels in a bag, I wasn’t going to mess up my pumps (or ankles) walking in stilettos on cobblestone! We caught a ferry to San Giorgio and arrived at a beautiful pier as the sun was setting.

Once we got off the ferry, Myles told me to put on my heels (which thinking back was so unlike him), I argued at first but he said the ‘restaurant’ was close by. We walked towards the end of the pier to take some selfies when we were approached by an Italian woman asking to take our picture. I was extremely resistant at first because I didn’t know who she was or what she would do with the pictures, but Myles reassured me it was fine and I reluctantly posed for a photo op.

After a few clicks with her professional camera, I looked down and realized Myles was down on one knee holding out the most beautiful ring. I immediately began crying because I couldn’t believe it was real (it still feels like a dream!). All of a sudden the whole ordeal of the photographer, heels, & early dinner made sense and of course, I said YESS as he asked: “would you marry me?”. October 10, 2018, was the most amazing day of my life, I’m finally going to marry my best friend.

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