Genie and Daniel

Genie and Daniel had their first significant conversation (about interpreting Genie’s art project) at UCI’s now-defunct Cornerstone Cafe in college…and it didn’t go very well. Daniel thought Genie was somebody else, and Genie thought that he was a jerk. So that went on for a while… Daniel mistaking Genie for somebody else, and Genie thinking that Daniel was a jerk. However, they soon grew to know each other a little bit more while serving as Freshman Small Group leaders in the Edge. They began to see each other in a different light.

Fast Foward Several Years

After college, Genie and Daniel celebrated their two-year anniversary by flying to Catalina Island in a helicopter, where Daniel told Genie that he loved her (for the very first time!). He had wanted to say those words to the woman that he wanted to marry, so by then he was pretty sure it was Genie. He started thinking about ways to propose to her.

They also decided to start attending Newsong NOC (North Orange County) together…Genie and Daniel quickly felt at home with the great community at NOC and still continue to attend and serve there. After Daniel started school at UCLA, Genie would ask him, “What’s taking so long?!” whenever they talked about getting married (by now, four years into the relationship, they already knew that they were going marry each other and talked about it regularly). Daniel was afraid of asking Genie to marry him, especially without a stable job. He promised himself that the minute he was offered a teaching job, he would start making plans to propose.

When Daniel finally got his first job teaching English, his friends all reminded him of the promise he had made. So, Daniel started making plans to propose to Genie…with one of the first proposals he had ever thought of (right after the Catalina trip, which was like 2 years ago!)

So here’s how he actually proposed, as told by the bride:

It was a busy day of church, appointments and meetings for both of us..

We were both pretty tired after the busy-ness of our days, so we ended up knocking out! (I guess this was to avoid talking to me?…) He has told me earlier this week that Jim and Annie were in town and wanted to get dinner with us tonight at Downtown Disney at The Jazz Kitchen… so to make it more “fun” and “romantic”, he said, “Let’s take the train!”  We have taken the train in the past and it was quite fun, so I agreed…

Daniel looked pretty normal… usually I can figure him out really well…

I had a few suspicions and did think, “Is he going to propose to me?” But I really believed we would get dinner at Downtown Disney, and I had no clue on how he was going to do this because I am quite hard to surprise…

So we went on the train and it was actually quite crowded…he was searching for the right spot to sit without many people… I was like, “Just sit wherever!” But we found a spot with one other person inside…

Right when we sat down, Daniel said, “We don’t have a lot of time… and we are not going to Downtown Disney.” (I was confused)

Then he looked at me in the eyes and held my hands, and said things, like how he loved me and wanted to be with me… but I interrupted, “What are you doing?!”

Then he was on one knee (while a guy walked in awkwardly…), and he opened the box with the ring. I was like, “Really?!”

He asked, “Genie, will you marry me?”  (I think he said this…)

And I said with nervous laughter, “Yes…OK!”

Then he put the ring on my finger and said, “This is the right hand, right?”

Then we looked at each other and laughed and said, “So we’re engaged?!?”

And then it was quiet, and that other guy still looked awkward…

It was our stop in Downtown Fullerton, and we got off the train… I saw a bajillion balloons and people and I was like, “Oh My Gosh….!!” and he had to drag me over there…Then it was an explosion of “Congratulations!” and happy people. I was getting all teary-eyed…

After all of the celebration, Daniel surprised me AGAIN! Daniel told everyone, “We are all going to walk over to FRATI to get some gelato, on me!” That’s when I almost LOST it completely! So I didn’t really cry when he popped the question, but cried about Frati… Wow…! We celebrated with friends at FRATI and then headed over to a korean restaurant with both of our moms, dads, and brothers…

I thought about it a little more and was wondering, “Why a train? and why Fullerton?”

TRAIN: It hit me later, on our private blog…my latest entry was “Marry Me by Train”…but it was Train the band..I put that video up because I randomly heard it and thought, “That is so sappy!” and also because I really did want to Marry Him… (I almost deleted that entry..puaha). So Daniel wrote as a comment right before the proposal, “okay.” And just a few weeks ago, we had taken the train for the first time to San Juan Capistrano for a mini day trip and it was a fun memory!

FULLERTON: Well…I know that area like the back of my hand… I spend a lot of time eating, drinking and shopping out there…so Downtown Fullerton does have a special place in my heart and Daniel’s, and we have spent quite some time out there together!

Engagement Photos by D. Park Photography

The bride, Genie, is an incredibly talented wedding custom hair accessory designer for Petit Plume – that was her amazing piece in her hair above!