Genevieve and Kevin

How We Met

June 18, 2014. It was the second day of my “real-world” job and in walks my cube neighbor who happened to be out sick the day before (watching the World Cup..). I took one look at him and immediately texted my friends that there was a super hot guy sitting next to me in the office. After many coffee dates and trivia nights with our coworkers, Kevin and I were inseparable. We dated for about 6 months when we realized we needed to slow things down; I was only 22 and Kevin was just out of a serious relationship. As heartbreaking as it was to let Kevin go, I always knew that we would end up together and had total faith in that. 1 year later, we met up for tacos and caught up right where we left off, and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since! Kevin is truly my person and I’m so thankful for our journey together.

How They Asked

I love surprises, but I’m always able to figure out my surprise before it happens. I’ve always told Kevin if he ever was to surprise me, please just surprise me for our engagement!

We planned a trip to Napa, CA for Kevin’s 30th birthday. For his birthday gift, I decided that I wanted to plan a surprise day for him while we were there so, I hired a car service to take us around and drive us to vineyards that they would pick out for us. I told Kevin to not plan anything for Friday since I had everything set in place; I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see his reaction to everything! We were on our way to the second vineyard, and I knew that Kevin would love this one because the location reminded me so much of our trip to Italy the year before.

When we pulled up to the vineyard, we were the only people there and were greeted by the owner and his nephew. I thought it was strange that no one else was there but, I didn’t think much about it since it was a Friday morning. We were escorted to the tasting room in this beautiful villa (the home of the vineyard owner) when we were told they had to cut the tour short. I was bummed since I was looking forward to this vineyard the most but, they offered to take some pictures of Kevin and me outside on their gorgeous grounds. They told us to ignore the camera crew that we may see outside, as they were taking some new pictures for their website (so sneaky). We walked outside and started taking some pictures when Kevin pulled me close and started telling me how much he loved me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Napa, CA

He started to get down on one knee when I just started crying and all I could see was him. It felt as if my whole life came together in that one moment, and I will never forget that feeling for the rest of my life. After trying to process everything and more happy tears, I asked him how he planned this when he didn’t even know we were coming to the vineyard!

Turns out, Kevin knew he was going to propose in Napa from the moment we booked the trip, so when I told him about his surprise day, he went in my email to figure it out. Kevin was the one who planned the wineries all along, working with the driver of our car, the vineyard owners, and a photographer to capture our moment. I’ve thought about my wedding and engagement ever since I was a little girl, but I couldn’t have ever imagined a more perfect way to get engaged and a more perfect man to marry!

Where to Propose in Napa, CA

Special Thanks

Stephanie Hopkins
 | Photographer