Geneva and Michael

Geneva's Proposal in He proposed in our kitchen on a Saturday morning while I was stuffing my face after a workout. Talk about romantic!

How We Met

Michael and I are a Tinder success story! The story of how we met isn’t nearly as interesting as our journey together as a couple. When Michael and I first met, he was an extremely successful businessman and I was in college. Hard times fell on us financially, to the point where we were digging in our (shared) car for coins to turn into coin star so that we could eat that week.

How They Asked

Fast forward 4 years and it seems like all the struggles we’ve been through was just a bad dream. My point of our story isn’t to boast or pretend our problems were harder than others- but rather to encourage those spouses and significant others to never give up on your loved one. Be on their side rather than on their back and show them, unconditional love, every single day. I am so thankful for my hard-working man and for how he’s taken care of me every single day since I met him.