Gemma and Steven

How We Met

We met at work, where he asked to bring me coffee and I told him no, and he still did anyway. He then sent me an email saying he could only be reached by texts for appointments at work then would text me here and there and I asked him and a few friends we had in common to meet me out at the st patty’s day parade, where he came alone and we have been inseparable since March 2016.

How They Asked

We went to Philly for a ‘friends birthday’ to Christmas village, Steven had been planning to propose since October and on December 5th my mom may or may not have slipped and ruined the surprise a little but December 7th was still the best day of my life when he proposed in front of the big Christmas tree in front of friends and family and we came home to more friends and family, food and a decorated for the occasion house!


Special Thanks

J&J Studios
 | Photography