Gema and Luis

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How We Met

Luis and I met at our local gym. Both being gym junkies we could constantly be at the gym. Luis in fact started working at the gym and I would always see him in action. I had a crush on Luis but never got the courage to speak to him or even approach him. He would always see me and he eventually started saying hi to me and even started joking with me. There was this one point in time that this lady spoke into our future without us even knowing it. One day the lady told us both “ you guys are going to end up getting married “, & that was the start of our friendship and later relationship.


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How They Asked

The best day of my life was Sunday December 15, 2019. It was a regular Sunday and our day started off with a church service. This Sunday my entire family attended church with me and for some reason I believed that they were all there for a Christmas event that was taking place that day. Luis was with us for the beginning of the service and left early mentioning that he “had to go finish up a few things at work”. Once again I didn’t put much thought to it but was a little sad that he couldn’t sit in service with all of us. Once I stepped out of service I started calling my mom to see where we were meeting up. As I turned around I see both of our families and friends. With so much confusion I then see Luis kneeling with the sign, “Will you Marry Me?” I couldn’t believe my eyes , I immediately kissed him and my entire body was shaking with excitement. It was truly the best proposal I could ever ask for. Thank you to all of our family and friends for making this special day truly unforgettable.

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Special Thanks

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