Gelis and Tarmo

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How We Met

We met almost 4years ago. It was very random. We have a group on Facebook for Estonian people who offer ride to some cities cheap and those who need ride can post there where and when they need to go. I had to go from Tartu to Tallinn (we live in Estonia) and he was the one who agreed to drive me, as he was going to Tallinn too. We talked a lot while we were driving. There was so much to talk about. It was so easy with him. He was like my soulmate.

When we finally arrived to Tallinn, after 2,5h driving, I wanted to pay him for driving me but he didn’t take the money, instead of that, he asked me to go out with him… 3days later we went out and here we are now. Almost 4 years later. Engaged and soon getting married. :)

how they asked

It was Thursday on 27th of July 2017. We were in Milano and were planning to visit Lake Como – one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have always wanted to see beautiful places and nature and he had heard that Lake Como is one of the places that we Must visit.

We were walking around the lake and decided to go up on the mountain to see the lake and area better. The view was amazing. We walked and walked until the road ended and we had nowhere to go. We stopped there, because the view was breathtakingly beautiful. I wanted to cry because I had never seen something so beautiful. He asked me: “Is it the most beautiful place you have ever been to?”, I said “Yes, definitely!”. He smiled and said that let’s take a picture here and went to give the camera to our friends. He was saying something to them, I thought he was just showing how the camera works, so I was just enjoying the view and waited him to come back. When he came back, he said: “I hope that this adventure is only a beginning to our adventures. I have enjoyed our time together so much.” and then he got on one knee and asked: “Will you please marry me?”. I was speechless. Like really.. I could only nod and kiss&hug him. It was one of the most beautiful things in one of the most beautiful places in the whole world that could ever happen to me. I was so happy. I still am. And I will always be. He is my other-half, my best friend and my love.

On 28th of September 2018 we are getting married in Santorini and will keep making memories and new adventures until the end.

Our proposal video can be found on his Instagram:

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