Geetha and Tony

Proposal Ideas McGovern Centennial Gardens

How We Met

Tony and I met at church. We were in the same Sunday School class together since we were young. We started dating the summer after we graduated high school.

how they asked

Tony told me months in advance about his “coworker’s wedding” at the Centennial Gardens in Houston. He made and ordered a mock wedding invitation. On the drive to the wedding, he told me all about the different coworkers I would meet. When we got there, one of the Centennial Garden staff members greeted us at the entry and directed us to the wedding. As we continued to walk down the garden path, that’s when I saw the pictures of us along the years. Eight years of memories.

Geetha and Tony's Engagement in McGovern Centennial Gardens

Marriage Proposal Ideas in McGovern Centennial Gardens

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