Geeta and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met at work. I had been working there for a year and he was loaned to my department for extra support. I was called over to help troubleshoot a problem and that’s how we first met. He was new to town and we shared a special bond over worldly foods. Our first date was at an Asian grocery store and ramen for dinner. :)

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how they asked

The one thing Justin always complained about is how hard it was for him to plan anything because we worked together and live together. So we were never apart. So hats off to him for planning this. A lot of thought and meticulous planning went into this proposal. From organizing it to making excuses and going out to buy the ring. Justin knew how much I loved traveling. It meant the world to me. I also always wanted a private proposal. He told me he had a surprise for me. We drove to the Aviation Museum and he told me that we were going for a biplane ride. I was super excited. Little did I know that he had something more

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As the plane ascended, he couldn’t wait any longer, so he pulled out a note that he wrote knowing that it would be really loud in the plane. After reading the note he yelled “Will you marry me?!” and I couldn’t believe it. I immediately said yes and the next hour was the longest hour of my life. We both had to contain the excitement and actually enjoy the plane ride. It was really hard for me to enjoy the view because I couldn’t stop staring at my beautiful ring. He had done such a good job in picking out the perfect one.

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No body found out what happened up in the plane, not even our pilot. He asked us how our ride was when we landed and we both had smiles going from ear to ear.

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The whole day was a dream and blur. It was super exciting to share the news with everyone. Everyone had a unique reaction. My favorite memory from that day was us walking along Dow’s lake in the evening and we were on the phone with Justin’s uncle and aunt sharing the big news. A car was waiting at the red light and the girl in the car overheard us and got super excited. She told her partner, that we had just gotten engaged and yelled out congratulations to us with a big smile on her face. She was a complete stranger but was so happy for us.

Justin did an amazing job with the whole proposal and I look forward to our wedding!

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