Geena and David

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How We Met

David and I met when we were only 14 years old in high school. He said when he saw me he knew he had to have me. We made it “official” our junior year when we were 16 years old. Soon after I told my parents about David, my mom realized she went to high school with his dad (the same high school David and I went too!) We were inseparable ever since! In our senior year of high school, we were crowned homecoming king and queen, and we were in almost every class together. We continued to date after graduation even though we went to different colleges.

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Bottom left: Homecoming Jr. Year. Top left: Prom Jr. year. Top Right: Homecoming Sr. year. Bottom Right: Prom Sr. year.

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how they asked

After graduating from college, we started traveling together: San Francisco, Riviera Maya in Mexico, Nashville, and New Orleans. In January, my family decided to take a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado to ski. David mentioned he couldn’t get off of work to come so my family (mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and my uncle) booked to go! One evening while walking downtown Breckenridge, my uncle mentioned he wanted to see a specific area. Thinking nothing of it, my family and I followed him across a bridge and that’s when David appeared and walked toward us. I suddenly stopped and stared; shocked he was there! I asked what he was doing there and that’s when he said “I need to ask you something.” Once I realized what that “something” was, I started screaming and crying! After I said “YES” his family also appeared and walked across the bridge! David and his family surprised my entire family!! David told me he told my parents that he was planning on popping the question on our 9 year anniversary on February 3, but couldn’t wait any longer. He decided a week prior to fly to Colorado, and only told my uncle what he was planning. What a surprise!! I am unbelievably happy and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, my high school sweetheart, my soulmate!!
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