Geena and Cody

Image 1 of Geena and Cody

How We Met

Through friends at a bonfire.

How They Asked

Cody’s parents and I planned a trip to New York City for the two of us for his birthday/Christmas gift. It was centered around seeing The Lion King on Broadway so I thought this whole trip was about celebrating him but little did I know it would be about celebrating us! We spent all day sightseeing and visiting landmarks and here the only thing on Cody’s mind was the ring in his pocket that he carried ALL DAY. It wasn’t until dinner before seeing The Lion King did he pop the magical question. Thankfully the amazing staff at Oceana got videos and pictures of it because it was honestly a blur. Happy tears and phone calls to loved ones soon followed as we ran through Times Square to make our show. We managed to stop for a quick picture and as busy as Times Square is I swear everything stopped around us in that moment, it was like it was just the two of us there together soaking it all in to remember forever.