Geanina and Jimmie

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How We Met

It was the first Sunday of the year of 2014 that my family and I came to visit the church where Geanina attended. At that time, Geanina was over the dance ministry, and after service that day, she approached me. She asked if I could dance, and of course, I said yes. She then invited me to attend their next practice. I came, shocked her with my rhythm, She said I had good moves and style! Geanina only knew me from coming to practice and church, nothing outside of that for a while.

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It wasn’t until we both became supporting leaders of our Young Adult Ministry that things for us begin to change. In a team meeting, I made the comment that I knew her but felt that I didn’t know the others on the team that well. Leaving the meeting she made it very clear to me “You Don’t Know Me.” Well, let’s just say that was the start of our journey. Before we knew it a year later without the other one knowing we had separate meetings with our Pastors expressing how we felt about each other, literally two weeks apart.

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how they asked

A year and three months later “Twas 2 Nights Before Christmas” we arrived on the beach where we are met with an impromptu photo session. Because I never liked taking pictures, Geanina was shocked and filled with excitement that she could barely function in front of the camera. Whispering to me “I’m so happy we are here, I can’t stop smiling” As we walked down the beach we decided to step into the water to get our feet wet. As I begin to roll up my pants to keep them from getting wet, the ring falls into the water!

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I desperately reached for the ring and placed it back into my shirt pocket. As we begin to relax and get comfortable I asked her to do a pirouette to capture the silhouette from the sunset. As she turns around she was met with a Diamond! My heart is racing barely finding the words to speak, but I muster up the courage to speak from my heart. With a graceful “YES”, she became the future Mrs. Barnes.

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