Gayatri and Divyang

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How We Met

We had just spoken a couple of times over the phone before (our mums are colleagues). So when he was in New York for 2019 New Years, we decided to meet for lunch but ended up spending the entire day together. I, definitely, loved his company and had so much fun, also wouldn’t deny that there was a spark. He ended up asking me out the same night, and we have been dating since then. We have been long-distance ever since but our love, respect, and trust just keeps growing every day. I’m definitely very lucky, to be in a relationship that not only gives me happiness but also peace of mind and he supports and guides me in all aspects and I wish to do the same. He met my family and the wedding was definitely on the table this year.

How They Asked

We wanted to go camping over the weekend but the tropical storm made us cancel our plan. Instead, we decided to go for a hike with our friends to Gorman Falls. He planned to propose to me on July 26th with some close friends. We hiked in scorching heat but the falls itself was breathtaking. We got into the water and our friends were right behind us and before they came closer, he asked me if I will marry him? I said yes!!! And, we are planning to get married on Nov 21st in India if everything goes well.

P.S. Later, he said, “Sorry, if you were expecting a monologue before proposing, but I hope you know how I feel about us, and can’t wait to be married to you.” I always knew it wouldn’t be too many words nor I wanted it. And I know how we feel about each other and actions have always spoken better than words for us.

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Special Thanks

Pulkit Sidana
 | Planning
Pankhi Prasher
 | Planning
Sarvansh Prasher
 | Planning
Blue Nile
 | Ring