Gavin And Viloshnie's Helicopter Proposal

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How we met -by Gavin: So how did I meet Viloshnie…we would hang out and socialise with our respective friends at the cafeteria during our free time at university. It was here that I had laid my eyes on this beautiful girl. I initially did not approach her personally and used to just admire her from afar. I had spoken to a friend and found out that we had a mutual friend with whom she went to school with. My friend had spoken to her about me and shed a lot of good light in my favour, hence scoring me many points seeing that the competition was tough for such a hot girl and many other guys showed a keen interest in her. My friend eventually managed to score me her number and I knew this was my chance. I sent her a message telling her that I am the guy that admires her beauty from a far and that I would love to meet her in person. A day later I introduced myself to her while she was in the middle of a pool game in the cafeteria. We slowly started spending time together and enjoyed each other’s company tremendously. Before we knew it we had developed a crazy but beautiful friendship which bloomed into a romantic relationship. We have since created many memories being in love and living life together.

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how they asked – by Viloshnie: Gavin told me that he won a target driven competition at work and that the prize was a trip to Cape Town including a mini helicopter tour and a couple’s photo shoot. Naturally, I was so proud to hear that Gavin had achieved so well at work and that we were going to Cape Town…little did I know that he was carefully planning a proposal and that the next few days would be nothing short of a fairytale for me. We arrived in Cape Town on the eve of the 16th of June. The next morning we had made our way to the V&A waterfront since we were scheduled for the helicopter ride.

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Gavin had briefed me pretty well about the upcoming events. We would take a short helicopter ride and we would be joined by some work staff and the photographer at the helipad for a photo shoot. On arrival at the helipad we were greeted by our photographer Jilda and two other so called “staff members”.

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We proceeded with the photo shoot on the mountain surrounded by the most breathtaking views. I was just stunned by the beauty around me. We reached a point during the shoot when Jilda requested to take a few single shots of me. I later learned that it was at this point that Phillippa, the proposal planner, handed Gavin the ring. Jilda posed Gavin and I with me standing in front of him. She then requested that I turn around to face him for the next picture. I turned around to find Gavin on one knee holding out a ring and reciting those words that mean the most to any woman. I was immediately moved to tears and uttered a soft “yes I will”.

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He slid the stunning ring onto my finger and pulled me into a warm loving hug and asked me not to cry and ruin my make up as we had more pictures to take.  I was completely overwhelmed with feelings of extreme happiness and immense love. We were then cheered on and congratulated. We completed the photo shoot at the stunning 12 Apostle’s Hotel where I later learned that we would be spending a few nights. Gavin had planned out the entire day with surprises.

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High tea at the hotels leopard lounge, overlooking the sea and massages in the hotels glass room in the mountains while watching the sunset on the ocean. It all felt so surreal yet amazing. Gavin fulfilled so much more than my expectation of a proposal…it truly felt like my very own fairytale and a perfect proposal. Thank you to all suppliers involved.

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Photography by Jilda G photography
Proposal planner – Philippa from The Perfect Proposal